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Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh

Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh

Studio WeissKrogh

Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh run their own design company with focus on industrial design, strategy and advertising. They founded Studio WeissKrogh in 2012 and have since designed products for various furniture manufacturers such as Kragelund Furniture, Innovation Living, BOGO and Frandsen Group. Studio WeissKrogh is focused on designing valuable, carefully thought out commercial and environmentally friendly products that will make a difference for the end user.


Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh are two ambitious brothers with great passion for furniture design. They grew up in a creative home with parents educated in architecture and industrial design. Growing up they travelled around the world always with design and culture in focus. This upbringing has given them a broad knowledge of the furniture industry, design and architecture.

Finn Østergaard

Finn Østergaard



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